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Single property page special offer

Single property page special offer

single property page

Three reasons why you need a single property page:

  1. Search Engine optimized
  2. Direct URL for customer to visit the page
  3. Prestige service

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Search Engine optimized

It is more difficult to find your property if it buried in a website that has hundreds of listing. The risk of visitor bounce out of your website is very high if they cannot find things in less than 30 sec. Single property page can be optimized for search engine. Your client can Google search by exact address, agent name, and phone number. You page will be search faster and rank higher. It is all about climbing higher and getting recognition.

Direct URL

Unique IP address hosted on a dedicated hosted WEB instance allow direct connection to the page. Easy social media sharing or print a QR code. Every details of the property are on the home page. No more multiple level navigation through different menus.

Prestige service

Property seller will feel that they are having royal treatment. After all who doesn’t want to be treated specially. Print a QR code on your For Sale sign. Make it easy for property buyer to take down your business card and property info.

We understand business has up and down. Also, it is hard to justify spending unless the return is certain. That is the reason we offer this special package for a limited time. Pricing is very simple.

  1. One Page WEB design fee (C$300)
  2. Hosting fee  (C$10/month)
  3. Template fee (C$35)

Here is the special part of the deal, you only pay $45 to start (C$10 + C$35). You don’t have to pay the design fee before you successfully completed the sales.

Package include:

  • Social media bar to connect your network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinerest, Youtube)
  • Home page cover photo slideshow for 3 full-HD images (1920×1080)
  • About section (Property Age, Area SQ.FT, Numbers of Bedroom, No. of bathrooms, Total Floor, Parking)
  • Amenities section (swimming pool, gym, tennis court, garden, security camera, etc.)
  • Room details with corresponding images (dimension, flooring, windows, etc.)
  • Photo gallery for 10 images
  • Nearby places with feature image
  • Latest agent news post
  • Agent office and contact form
  • Schedule visit email to you
  • up to 5 revision before launch

Special notes:

  • custom package available, please let us know your needs
  • For other languages such as Chinese and Japanese. We can put a Google translation bar for free. However, if you need proper translation, we need to clone the site and host on different server. The price will apply to individual language. For example, if you want English and Chinese, it we will be $690 plus translation fee. If you already have translated content, there will be no extra cost for translation.
  • Please prepare high quality images no less than 1920 x 1080. If you only have printed pictures, we can scan them for you at C$2.50 ea. To send picture to us, please see below.

How to upload file with we-transfer?

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