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Computer Repair Service – Your choice in Richmond

I serviced over 12,000 PCs. When it comes to computer repair, I don’t mess about. The most important aspect of servicing computer is customer data privacy. I call myself “Family doctor of your PC” because I treat you the same as doctor treat his patient. Your computer is personal, nobody touches it but me. I never use online virus scan to scan your computer because of possible data leak. Give me a shout when your computer is giving you trouble. Carry-in or on-site me don’t mind because I love my job and I care. I travel every corners of Greater Vancouver except on snowy day and statutory holidays.

Computer problems

computer problems

Computer problems changed when time changed. From my experience I summarized and categorized them into the followings:

Hardware failure – most common to least: harddisk drive, power supply, video card, motherboard, RAM, CPU

Microsoft – Windows update failure, system file corruption, user profile corruption, file permission issue

Virus – this is big topic need to break it down

  • Trojan – virus code written to ruin your life, destruction of files, not trying to drill into your wallet but to make you angry
  • Spyware – designed to be hidden and undetected, no obvious symptoms, steal your identity
  • Adware – If there is no online advertising, there will be no Adware. Disturbing and Popups degrade your system security, make it vulnerable to other form of computer virus
  • PUP(Potential unwanted program) – make money by collecting data from your computer without your knowledge. Hi-jack your browser, lock down your home page, and redirect to their sponsor site
  • Tiger with pig mask – automatic configured to start when your login to your computer. Lie about hundreds of error on your computer and urge you to ring their 1-800 numbers. They use legitmate company names like Microsoft, Norton, HP, 24/7 support, etc. All they want is your credit card
  • low life scum – The infamous “Ransomware” virus code written to lockup all your personal files. Pay them Bitcoin or say bye-bye to your files

Application specific – file backup, email related, antivirus software issues

computer virus categories chart



Diversification – Serving all walks of life

Since 1999, I have been around sweeping dust and cleaning bugs for computers in British Columbia. I am grateful, my customers are coming from all over. When I first started at Crystal Mall in Burnaby, my customer were mainly Chinese for three years I spent there. Because of the rent increase we moved to No.3 Road Richmond right next to Save-on-foods. another three years there we gain trust from main stream customers. Once again, rent gone up because owner of the mall sold it to foreign buyer. Then we moved to the current location at Yaohan Centre. When the Iwase Bookstore was still around, we were lucky to build relationship  with Japanese customers. After all these years, we are lucky to have a diverse customer races. We speak English, Cantonese, Japanese and some Chinese.

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