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Recycling scrap paper at your office – Epson A-8000

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Recycling scrap paper at your office – Epson A-8000

Paper remaking machine from Epson A-8000. It would help the environment if each of us can remake paper by ourselves. No need to cut trees down for new paper.

Epson has been selling a paper-recycling machine called “Paper Lab A-8000” since Dec.2016. This machine will be able to create completely new paper from your scrap paper.

What happens at recycling factories is that you need to use a lot of water to dissolve paper. Water goes in between fibers and the paper falls apart.

This conventional method needs a huge space for a water tank and there are concern about drainage.

Epson A-8000

“Paper Lab A-8000” doesn’t need water at all to remake papers. They developed new technology “Dry-Fiber-Technology” for this A-8000. There are 3 steps – “Fiberization”,”Combining Fibers” and “Molding” on this machine.

At “Fiberization” process, the machine turns paper into long and narrow fibers by strong machine impact. It will delete all print instantly.

At “Combining Fibers” process, it joins fibers with a material “paper plus”. During this process you can choose the brightness or put color on new paper.

At “Molding” process, High pressure forms paper from fibers. Thickness and density are formed at this point to make different types of papers like business cards, catalogs, flyers and so on.

Epson A-8000

Security is also their sales point. You don’t need to shred papers because it erases the printing instantly at the Fiberization process. So that you don’t need to worry that somebody will peek at your confidential information after you put them into the recycling bin.

And another feature is its size. It is about the same as putting 3 vending machines horizontally and small enough to put in your back yard or even in your office. With all of these features, it will be convenient for City halls or Schools boards.

The price is about same as a cost of 1 bedroom condo here, in Vancouver though….

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