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Ambie Sound Earcuffs 新製品発表会

ambie earcuffs

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Ambie Sound Earcuffs 新製品発表会

This is what I look for ! New style of non-close up earphone “ambie”

Sonny V&S and WiL released the audio device “ambie sound ear-cuffs” on February 9. You can purchase it online(in Japanese only) and 5,500 yen (US$48.5).

Its figure is like a letter U and you CLIP it on your ear. No need to put earbuds into your ear. Because it is not clogging your ear, you can hear sounds from the outside, but the sounds from “ambie” doesn’t leak.  You don’t need to take one earbud off when somebody talk to you and worry about missing announcements or calling you.

For myself, I don’t like the earbuds that is needed to push into my ears because my breath and voice resound sometimes inside my ear, I can’t hear my children calling me and need to wipe my hands while cooking when I take one earbud off and wear it back and….more. Everything is solved on this earphone.

The light weight (5.2 g, not include cable) cause less tiredness by using of long hours and less impact to eardrums. And you will have less sweat and dirt especially summer time.

specification – format:dynamic / driver unit : 9 mm, type dome, voice coil / max. input: 100 mW / inter-piece :16Ω
cable: 1.2 m, type Y style (w/mic & remote) / plug: Gold-plated Type I 4-pole mini plug

cover image from: Ambie


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